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Under my stove, under my sink....

I've been rather remiss on cleaning my house these last few weeks. But I do try to keep things broom-clean. That's the way real estate people talk to tenants. "Keep it broom clean," whatever that means. I was broom-cleaning the other day, and I happen to broom-clean a bottle cap that was somehow lodged under the stove. It was from a Tab bottle. It was not from anyone in our family. Over 25+ years ago, the new-to-me old stove had traveled from my friends'/clients' basement. They were moving, and we had recently moved to our vintage 1898 Colonial house. Our new-to-us-house came with an ugly newer electric stove and oven. But worse was that I burned every dinner I cooked on that electric death/fire trap. The god-sent gas stove was appreciated by our whole family. About three weeks ago I was cleaning up our old O'Keefe and Merritt stove . It needs to go to rehab. But it works really well. No need for fancy gadgets, bells, whistles, or a working ti