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I know them well, I think.

I had my weekly (therapy) golf lesson today with Woody, my golf teacher. He and I have shared all kinds of things during that one hour time, which happens most every week. We've been through life-changing events, including death, and death threatening moments. I try to hit the balls, and he gives me some gentle advice about keeping my knees bent, head still, turning my shoulders behind my body, keeping my head still...finishing the swing with my body towards the pin. Hold that pose, and tilt your head down as you swing through the ball. Gads! I think I may be practicing a modified type of yoga..I'll call it  'goga' (short for golf yoga). Based on a conversation I had at lunch with a friend, I realized that each of us have very special people in our lives - one or two hours at a time, with some very predictable time between appointments. My hair stylist. We share private info, and then fahgetabout it once we're done with the appointment. But we remember just en