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I've been thinking about Homer. No, not Homer Simpson. Homer, Alaska. We had just shut down the DC-4 planes after the salmon fish haul, in Kenai, Alaska. The planes were scheduled to be flown back to Chico, CA to get re-outfitted into fire bombers. Have planes? Need to keep them going year round so they don't sit around getting fat on the tarmack. (I wrote about this experience during the first year or so after I started this blog.) These days, I try to remember, did I really fly these aircraft as a co-pilot? Sometimes I'm not sure. But yes, I did. I was pregnant with Evan, our son. But the head-honchos-powers-that-be didn't need to be told I didn't. These days, I live vicariously. The Deadliest Catch is recorded on my TV. I find this show amusing, and really scarey. I've never been in those huge-wave-waters, in huge boats, or being swamped with cold ocean salt water every other minute. But the show is more than dangerous. It's about life. An