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Often with laughter comes........more laughter...almost hysterical laughter. Or tears of joy! Or tears of great sadness. Scripps Aquarium, La Jolla Sutter reads the book...Cadel eats the book. This week has been full of joy-laughter for me. Daughter Sutter and I flew to San Diego for a very brief trip to visit with E&E&C (son Evan, daughter in law Erin, and nephew/grandson Cadel).  Sutter had never seen Cadel in person, but had seen him on Skype. Skype is a challenging way to build a relationship....but it beats writing letters, in which every single word is outdated, and the recipients have to realize history has already been made and/or reversed, by the time they read them. I love Skyping with Sutter and Sean, her husband. There's something that just seems to make us click together...must be the Kiwi humor, which is almost always translated by Sutter to me. Skyping with E&E&C is nice...but C gets kind of bored with it all. This week my hear