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Round and round I go....

"Gosh," I told the woman standing next to me just before the elevator started moving. "I thought I parked my car on a floor below."  "Oh," she said. "There's no floor level under us...this is street level and that's where we are!" Well, okay. So I spent the next 40 minutes looking for my car. I was in San Francisco for a meeting today. I was ready to come home after thinking hard about what I had heard during the 4 hour blitz of ideas, and protocols, and procedures. Okay. I was sure I had driven down the ramp. But, maybe...well, I just believed what the woman said. Maybe I dreamed about driving down the ramp. The parking lot I was in was a complete maze to me. And that made me amazed. This was a whole city- block-long parking lot. I went by most every car on the second floor. No luck. I went up to the third floor. No luck. I went up to the fourth floor.  Nada, zip, nothing. I felt like every person that was walking to their car