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'Water gratitude' or 'The good old days have come and gone and they ain't comin' back.'

It's time for some water-saving gratitude...and it's not even Thanksgiving. I'm grateful.... that I  haven't washed my car for over 5 weeks (even though I want to). It's a mess but nobody seems to care because of the drought. But I expect that condition will change this weekend (I mean the filthy car condition, not the drought). And yes, I do use a nozzle with an instant shut-off trigger, and I only fill the wash bucket half empty. I'm grateful that I can take a shower and be smart about it. I turn the shower off immediately and wash my hair, so the water isn't going down the drain. I simply picture myself on the stern of an Express 37 sailboat racing to Hawaii, with 5 of my best boyfriends (including Carl who designed the boat). We each take turns on the stern, squirting with the hose sprayer, and soaping up, and wiping down. And feeling absolutely mahvelous after a quick boat shower. The mind is a very clever thing. I'm grateful that the drought