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Do you have a great friend...that one person is always there for you...but you don't often have the chance to socialize with that friend? You both are so busy. But you are within easy driving distance of each other. But you are both so busy. And so it goes. I do have that great friend. Actually I have many of those great friends. The one I'm specifically talking about is someone I've known since I started my career in real estate. She has been there every step of my life, through thick and thin, through death and life. Through Carl passing on (over 13 years ago), and when Cadel was born (almost 1 year ago); helping me clear out my dad's and his wife's home in 3 days in S CA along with her good friend Donny; through real estate transactions, through my kids' adventures and marriages, through the body massages that we get when life gets just a bit much. She is my dear friend, Debbie. Debbie is a clean freak. She makes me look like a complete rag-doll-mess. A