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Geek freaks. Not me.

I just got tired of Chrome crashing. Other things were not as they should be. After speaking with daughter Sutter, who came up from down under for her annual meeting in Boston, I mentioned I might get a Surface Pro 3. This week I bought it. Today it works just fine! I've mentioned The Neighborhood Computer Guy at least once before in my blog posts. He really considers himself an Apple/Mac guy. Sutter considers herself an Apple person. I thought my Lenovo was about 4 years old. "Uh, no," Kyle said. "I think you got it in 2009!" Really? In my version of time, 6 years is now about 100 years. I don't ever want to say I'm too old to change or that change is hard...but both Kyle and Sutter (a Project Manger for a tech company) said if I wanted to stick with Windows, the Surface would do fine. I'll take that all the way to the, I can't do that...I need to withdraw from the bank to pay for this. In just about 3 hours he did what compani