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Ctrl Z and Do-Overs

I learn by doing. If there isn't a goal out there for me to meet, it seems that just 'learning for the sake of learning' does not suit me. I think that's one of the reasons Carl, my late husband, chose to go to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Their motto was/is Learn by Doing. Plus his sister and her husband lived there and attended the same school. He thought so highly of them. Learning by doing, he had more than just book, pencil, and paper skills. (No computers back then for any average students -they didn't exist). Those structural engineering classes he told me about could be a bit dangerous. They often had to do projects outside in the dark and get them done quickly, kind of like a T.P. job at a friend/enemies house. Quick and dirty. One night the cops came and almost arrested those in the class, but they talked their way out of that event..because they were at a school setting up some equipment they had made for the kids. Not so sure about doing that these d