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We're here!

The last few days have seemed a bit like Chevy Chase's Family Vacation around here. That movie is on my mind because it's being (re)released with a new cast and the same premise. Instead of heading to Wally World in Florida, my guests left Florida and came to California. Instead of a car trip, they carried plane tickets. Instead of taking cabs, they used Uber to get around San Francisco. My brother (Tim), his wife (Kim), their two college-aged kids, plus two of their family friends came to the house for the last 3+ days. Delaney (son) is in his second year at Vanderbilt, and the daughter, Teddy (named after her great grandmother, Theo) is in her senior year of high school. Teddy's two gal pals, Caitlyn (she had her name long before Bruce Jenner did), and Caroline, joined the family-venture while they toured college campuses. It's all alphabet soup...USC, USD, USF. Then they pulled out the big guns - Pepperdine and Stanford. Not one disparaging word was heard