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I hate getting up early. I've been gone the last two and a half days, and I didn't sleep well, even though I felt treated like a queen at the hotel I stayed at, in Napa. Long days in a seminar, and longer nights with work. Today! I needed to get up at 6am so I could head out to the golf course about 6:30, hit some balls and then have an 'on-the-course' lesson with Woody. Both of us needed to cancel in the last 6 weeks due to surprise obligations...and one of mine was a broken water heater that serviced our tenants. That should be healed completely by tomorrow afternoon. We didn't know that there was a golf tournament today with a shot-gun start (foursomes start on a specific hole and then play 18 holes from that spot). Gun goes off, play begins. "Let's start over at 13 before anybody shows up," said Woody. "At least we'll get 6 holes in." There went my excuse. Oh well. Nice morning, not hot, warm sun. Just relax a bit, Marilyn. Yo