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I had an article about water leaks in my real estate blog . I subscribed to a company that provides additional filler for blog posts during the week, when I'm working. We did have a leak. And I didn't know it. The tankless water heater for the tenants' use was starting to give warnings about wanting to stop working...and when I called the plumbers who installed it about 17 years ago (a very healthy run for a water heater's life), that's when they found the leak. On my laundry room floor, blending in with the floor, just where I wouldn't walk. So I had the guys come out and change both of the water heaters. All is well. But Jessie, one of the plumbers, notice the big bulletin board that was covered by a map of the United States. And tacks were placed all over it. It used to be hung on the wall in the hall, but it was resting against one of the walls in the laundry room. He wondered if we had been to all of those places, marked by the tacks. Yes, I said. T