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Look up.

Wherever and whenever I am riding my bike...I usually keep my eyes on the road or the path. That's a good thing. But when I turn my head around...I am constantly I am amazed at what I see. Sometimes I a flip u-turn and go back and see what I just got a glimpse of. Here are some of the things I see: ~The folks sitting in front of Peets or Starbucks, watching the rest of us go by. I think that must be nice to have that type of time to sit and sup. ~I see folks carrying their treasures from the Farmer's Market. ~I see people waiting in line to see the newest movie craze. ~I watch babies being tucked into their car seats. ~I see folks smoking cigarettes: not quite all the way into the street but 20 feet away from the building they live in, so they won't be hassled by by the non-smokers that live in or around the same building. ~I see people dumping their trash into streets...they think that nobody is watching (well, dude, I'm watching you). Sometimes I stop