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I don't know if the writer of this word 'werk', meant the word 'work.' I was riding my bike along the beach a couple of days ago, and saw 'werk' scrawled across the pavement. Then I saw some other words that indicated a running race had been run in that area recently, "Keep going!'  "You got it!" Today I decided to take a photo of it, if it was still there. And it was, so I did. Then while I was driving home, I heard about the mass shooting in Umqua, Oregon. And the air was knocked out of me. Really? Again? I couldn't get the story...there was so much going on with the fiasco. I was able to put it out of my head. And then I heard it all over TV. And now, I've heard a repeat of President Obama's press conference. And I saw the photos of those grieving. And I sank lower. I'm not sure about what I can do about this. But I'm not going to stand by and just watch. I'll just be one voice. Or one voice of millio