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Road trips...

880-580-5-405  880-24-680-80-50 Not social security numbers. Not phone numbers. These are roads leading to destinations, aka freeways. In the last couple of weeks I took some time away with my computer because I can't seem to stop working (i.e control freak). Now I mostly travel by myself. It gives me time to think about what I want to write in this blog, or just be more observant of what is going on around me. As Carl and I used to say...we would never retire because we liked (loved?) what we did! Well, he took non-retirement to a new level (heaven)...and I expect we will meet up at some time! We also used to say...a change of pace and a change of scenery...go a long way towards making everything seem worthwhile and balanced. Back in those days, I came up with a scheme that we should go away for 2 nights, every six weeks. And we did! And those breaks were much needed and quite wonderful. When I traveled to southern CA recently... son Evan told me I can bea