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How do you get through a life without.....

....a daughter or son who has been brought up in the tech age? I was working at my computer the other night, and suddenly the internet wasn't working. What? Doesn't Mr. Internet or Ms. Google understand that I have work, real work to do?  There was no explosion, no flames, but there was...nothing. Not a blank screen: my computer was working.  But the silence of a screen not connected to the internet can be deadly to those who can no longer see it or hear it or function without it. Just to be sure I tried to play free cell (the solitaire game)...nada, zip, nothin'. So I gave son Evan a call. Turns out it was Saturday night and they were in the desert for a small company event. I don't even ask these days about what that involves. For the most part, he has to dumb it down so much, I just feel guilty about him having to do that for me. Now, I've needed to say several times in the last week, to various folks,..."I may not be the brightest bulb in the chan