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Moving on by moving out.

I've had the honor of helping three recent buyers purchase houses. And everyone has a unique way of moving. Sharon moved to the west coast all the way from WA DC. Now that's a move. And it was 30+ years of life she was moving. My other two buyers were able to reap the benefits of Sharon's move by getting newsprint-style wrapping paper to protect their stuff (bags and bags of it), and boxes of all sizes. It is so much fun to watch others pack, unpack, and then give what they no longer need to others in need. Along with that, most of us have known folks who have rented storage units. Maybe you are one. I was one. After my husband passed on, I rented a storage unit nearby, piled the stuff into it, and then I pretty much forgot about it. Except for the monthly bill. Month after month after month. I'm not sure how long I had it. One assumes that all is well..even if one doesn't check in on it. And it was. And I imagine that is how it goes for all of those who rent