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Rats, traps, false fears.

This last week I had Rudy, my go-to furnace person, do his annual check on my heating devices. Everything seemed good as gold except I hadn't washed off the filters, but I have now. Then he dropped a bomb on me. Well, not a real bomb. He told me it looks like I have rats in the basement...and he showed me the evidence - their droppings. Oh no! "Yep, get yourself a rat trap, set it up along this piece of wood, come in and check it daily, and then toss it if a rat gets in it." My response..."How many rats? I've never set any trap for anything." His response..."They've made a better rat trap, these days. It's black, it's plastic, and it's easy to set and it even has a place for the peanut butter you put in it." My thoughts...sure. Right. That's great. Now who am I going to find to set a rat trap? So it took a few days for me to get to the hardware store because I was so busy. No, that wasn't it. I didn't want to s