Having work done...

When I think of work getting done, I tend to think of faces getting rid of wrinkles, cracks, or lines. Not now!

Work is a true understatement. Most of this work is done under the surface.

The guys (I haven't noticed any gals at this time) making up the construction crews are performing ballets in front of our eyes and houses! Plus they are digging where the sun ain't shone for decades. There are progressively worsening cracks in the streets around and below us.

Cadel (my 18 month old grandson) would have loved coming to see his Nana this week!

I was beginning to make up names for the vehicles. Uh, no, that wouldn't work. Not wanting to be an ignorant Nana, I found a parade of animated trucks on U-Tube. Ah ha! That worked!

Big trucks: dumptrucks, diggers, loaders, roadrollers, bulldozers, excavators, backhole loaders.

All of them were moving in harmony across my front yard. For the most part, I thought of the workers as being grounded pilots, just in two dimensions.

I was able to sit in the sun in my front window and watch, while waiting for some clients to come over, wondering how long it would take to for me to learn what they seem to know instinctively.

I am ever grateful to learn something, many things, each day...so I can at least be conversant with my grand kid.

Live richly, marilyn


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