I write this for my own health and well-being. I do review what went wrong and what went right. But I don’t dwell on either of them too much. The things that went well…those lead to new challenges. The things that went wrong….I know I need to learn from them…then fahget about ‘em!

What the biggest personal accomplishment you've had this year? Thinking I must do everything just right. I have started to learn to lean on and leave it to God. S(He) can let me know what I need to do, when I need to do it, and I can be completely satisfied, or, if not, do it again, without the dribble in my head.

What's the coolest thing you've seen this year? Sutter..I've seen her work at the (volunteer only) TED Talks in Christchurch, NZ. She's worked her way up to the #2 position...and folks have taken notice. She just started a new job with a huge pay increase because folks have noticed she is a (nice) boss woman. She was born to boss (in a nice way) people around.

Where was your quietest moment this year? This happened on Jan 1 2016. I found myself driving to Alameda Point about 8:15am (getting up this early any day, much less a holiday, should be a sin), on a very cold, windy, and blue-sky morning. Sean, Sutter's hubby, let me know via email that I should see the huge container ship that was coming to SF bay from LA. Gosh - who knew mornings like these could be so amazing (not me because I'm normally in bed). I'll write about this adventure in a couple of weeks on this blog.

Cadel with his Nana and a banana 
Who was the most inspirational to you this year? I was at an annual meeting of Fusion Real Estate agents (the company that I moved to over 2.5 years ago, that doesn’t promote their brand, but instead promotes me, the agent, as a brand). The featured speaker was a church minister, Rick Cole, youngish with a family, and he told about the week he became homeless. Unbelievable! He wanted to know what it would feel like so he could help others when they came to him or when he went out to them…and boy did he tell it like it was. I came home from that meeting wondering if I could do what he had done.

What has been the biggest challenge to you this year? Getting clearer about how I think and how it influences everything. Everything! EVERYTHING!

Maui in December...room with a view.
What’s the best book you’ve read this year? Not much ‘fun’ reading this year. But I did read a lot! When I came home from Maui, a client told me about "the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by marie kondo" (Yes, there are no capital letters in the title!)

I knew I had the right book because in her intro she gives examples of how this book has changed people’s lives. Her second of seven examples: ‘Your course taught me to see what I really need and what I don’t. So I got a divorce. Now I feel much happier.’

Unfortunately, I've misplaced the damn book because of all the junk I need to clean up and can't find it anywhere...it will show up. argh!

What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year? I’m not sure I’ve been to any this year. And nothing on TV, Netflix, Hulu, comes to mind.

What’s the biggest disappointment you’ve had this year? I’m not sure about any disappointments, at least not that I can remember. We’re here to learn: ingest it, digest it, and then move forward.

What’s the biggest change you’ve made this year? Being aware of listening more, talking less. Getting things done, without the glory. This is the same answer that I gave last year.
It. Works. Wonders.

What’s your prediction for the new year? This was my answer last year ‘As part of the human race, we need to stop killing each other. Lofty, I know. But it starts now.’ This year I want to be on the welcoming side to all immigrants that legally come to America.

Happy New Year!


 If you find yourself with nothing to do…send me your own answers! live richly, marilyn


  1. Nice list, Marilyn. Mine:
    Personal Accomplishment: Spending meaningful - really meaningful - time with my dearest friend as she was dying.

    Coolest Thing I've Seen: White paper become a watercolor painting - almost by magic

    Quietest Moment: When I received the call that my friend had died.

    Most inspirational person: That friend

    Biggest Challenge: Learning to allow myself to relax and soak up the joy that is my life. I don't have to be productive every day. Really. I mean it.

    Best Movie: I guess these count, since shown at a movie theater: Met Opera Live Simulcast broadcasts. 10:00 on Saturday mornings about once a month during the Met's opera season. Il Trovatore was breathtaking. The Pearlfishers, divine.

    Disappointment: World, National and some local news. Politics in general. To quote MLK Jr: "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." We live in a dangerous world, indeed.

    Prediction: Based on the last question, I am trying to remain positive and not make any predictions, just breathe deeply and know that this shall pass. I hope.

  2. Other coolest thing I've seen, or ever will: The smile that lights up my grandchild's face, and the love between Rob and Demi, who made him.

    1. Wonderful and meaningful list of answers, Nancy! Love your prediction..."breathe and know all will pass." A very heavenly view!


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