I love how the best ideas get realized, often these days via crowdsourcing.

I get Kickstarter emails every once in a while...because I contributed to a Kickstarter fund that will be producing an amazing bike helmet...

check this baby out!

And based on my contribution I'll be getting one of the first 100 Lumos helmets! Heck, this helmet is the bomb...without the bang! Even Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is raving about it!

And tonight I got another Kickstarter email about New Zealand skateboards made of aged wine barrels! Now I don't drink, and I haven't skateboarded for decades...but this custom call-out for some $$$ could be worth it, just because this board looks so great!

And Sean, Sutter's husband, a Kiwi himself, should consider turning his furniture artwork into some type of Kickstarter campaign. (Enough from the mother-in-law.)

How else can you get excellent items out to the marketplace? Don't we all deserve to at least look at the products? And maybe invest in them!

Live richly, marilyn


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