I hear you but I don't want to see you.

Back in the day, we would rush to answer our phone, commonly now known as landlines, because those were the only phones we had, and way back in the day, we didn't have answering machines. Duh, you knew that.

I do have a landline but the answering machine is turned off and in case there's an emergency, I can call out, and folks can call in. Otherwise, use my cell.

Back in the day, we would rush to answer our front door bell. Not so much now. Even though we may be at home (and a lot of us work out of our houses), it doesn't mean I'll answer the door, dude!

In the new day, there is no reason for me to jump through hoops, trip over stuff I've got laying on the floor, or even get out of bed to pick up a phone or answer a door.

I was thinking of this today because somebody rang my doorbell three times. The person would wait 30 seconds between each ring. Maybe he saw my car in the driveway and assumed I was home.

Perhaps I was using the toilet or taking a shower or in the backyard working or throwing clothes into the washer or dryer, or speaking to a client in my office, or taking a webinar, or talking on my cell phone, or doing some bookkeeping, or inputting a new property listing that I have. The list is almost endless!

So Mr. Dude, you did get my attention today. And you saw me in my pj's. Satisfied? I'm quite sure, NOT! Was it worth it? I'm quite sure, NOT!

What's the point, here, Marilyn? I'm not going to answer my door just because you ring the bell, one time or many times. You do have choices. You can call me on my cell and leave a message. You can text me. You can leave me a note on the door. Or you can just move on.

Gosh, even the mail/package deliverers know how to ring and run. Bless them.

And yes, the phone in the photo did work wonderfully...but I shut it down, so now it's for decoration! But kinda wonderful!

Now I feel better.

Live richly, marilyn


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