Not a coffee drinker but...

I'd heard that the newest Peet's was nice (it had previously been a Burger King). So I rode my bike over there once I got out of very frustrating meeting with well-meaning city officials.

The Peets was very nice. But the nicest part was this photo...

This gentleman, Sealli was crocheting, like a mad man with a grin as wide as his crochet needles!

Before I went and got my iced tea and a ginger cookie, I noticed that there were A's hats, and beanies, and then I saw the, white, and gold! Woiryers! That the way grandson, Cadel, says it! 

Yes, he was working on a cap! I wondered if he would make one for C? Yep! He would be happy to do so!

I told him I had an appointment, and asked how long would he be there. He said at least another hour. That sealed the deal. I told him I'd be back within that time, and gave him my card.

Then when I got home, I thought, maybe he could do one for my son, too! I called him. Yep, he could. He'd get on it right away! Ev, your's is larger, and you can roll up the rim of Cadel's cap to it can fit better.

So Erin, let me know what you'd like...and Sutter and Sean...let me know what you'd like! 

Here's his info, if any of you want to have him make a custom item for you. His card says, 

Quality hand-crocheted items that won't hurt your pockets! (I paid $15 for each of the caps). 
Custom orders to suit your style needs!
Can make Beanies, Blankets, Skirts, Vest, Caps, Purses, Full-brimmed Hats and more!

Learn to "Crochet the Sealli Way!" Classes @ $25 per month.
Sealli Moyenda: 510-992-9272

Live richly! marilyn


  1. That is so cool! Thanks mom! Can't wait to wear it with Cadel.

  2. Ditto! So cute :) Can't wait to see it on C-monster. Love the locally-made merch! Erin

    1. Let me know what you'd like! Colors, what's my pleasure to give it to you, Erin!


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