Press 1....

I assume we all complain about something...unless you have too little to do and are calling the service rep to register your complete satisfaction.

Do you take the recorded surveys that are offered to you, once you've made a complaint about some type of service? You gauge the service by 10 if you are totally satisfied, press 0 if you are totally dissatisfied. Press 5 if  you can't make up your mind.

I do take those surveys. It's my way of wielding power. I think. But probably it's not power, it's a way of venting my frustration.

Press 1 if you want to know (name the item).

Press 2 if you don't know the name of the item.

Press 3 if you don't remember your own name.

Press 4-9 blah blah blah.

Press 10 to review these items again.

Actually, now that I think about's another way to collect data, not only about the service that's being offered but it's giving the company clues about their customers!

I'm sure there must be a logarithm that some freaky person can come up with that can trace a phone number back to the rudest customer that calls in with a complaint either per hour, per day, or per week.  

I totally love what my friend Mary tells Comcast, when she has something going wrong with the service they provide. 'Please consider me as an intelligent 5th grader.' Not too dumb...not too smart...just about right.

Of course, there is always a chance that THEY'VE disconnected YOU, once you call.

Live richly, marilyn


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