Facebook and High School Reunions.

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I have a couple of good friends that I go to lunch with every once in a while. Chatter is never a problem for any of us. 

I made a note to myself the other day. "Self", I said, "Remember to put this comment into your Boomer Chick Musings blog." Instead of me trying to remember things...I add it to my notes on my phone. Then I can fahgetaboutit.

It's that time of year....reunion time.

I went to the 'big' (no, not #50) high school reunion a few years ago. It was nice to be invited to dinner with a group of friends before the reunion. The Quiet Woman was not quiet that evening. It actually was great. The whole evening was great. Then we moved over to a local yacht club to see all of the classmates that joined in the fun.

My question is...has Facebook replaced the high school reunion? FB lets us choose who we want to be 'friends' with...or not. We mostly look okay in the photos we choose to post. We get to "like" items our friends post, or ignore them. We get to show off what we are doing, who we are with, what we are having for food and drink (or take photos of our food and drink). We can unfriend anybody.

But what cracked me up at lunch with my friends was the comment by one of us (not me):

Time is short. Keep it quick. Are they dead or alive?

And there you have it. It's a very good thing that I believe that we continue on after the non-event of death, and I sure don't want to have do-overs here in this life. 

So has Facebook replaced high school reunions? Maybe..with the people we genuinely care about, from back then, through right now. 

live richly, marilyn


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