finity and possible escalation

This is my finity story. It happened this afternoon.

I upgraded my Finity service, 2 days ago, for my internet and tv. Today I got an email from Finity saying that I didn't sign my contract. Oh yes, I did! I have a copy of it on my computer.

Oh, and guess what, Finity wanted to charge me for a home security system...which I never signed up for!

Because I heard a little voice in my head telling me to order the upgrades for the tv and internet, via their 'chat' feature...I copied those written words into my database...just in case. And sure enough I needed those words today.

I was on the phone with Finity for 2 hours, called back 3 times, went through 3 customer service reps, and was told to go to a nearby shop to get my contract in writing? Wha up wit dat?

The kid told me to go to the nearest store in Winton. Just outside Detroit, Michigan. Uh, dude...I live in CA. Sure I'll do that...let me get in my car and drive right over there...see you in about 3-4 days.

Each employee wants to get as many rave reviews as possible...please take the survey when they call me back within 30 minutes of me hanging up. Just before I say I'll take the survey, I ask the customer rep "Did you solve my problem?" I think not. Now he's thinking twice about me taking the survey. OK. I'll take it. And then I hang up once the survey calls me.

Of course, Finity's survey is automated. They don't ask how many people wore you down, tried to up-sell you, how long it took them to get it right (like 3 customer service reps and over 2 hours?). One nice gentleman told me my call could be a 'possible escalation.'  Ohhwee! Sounds like a war movie.

It's over. For now. Good thing I spent large portion of my hold time on the phone with Finity, doing more of my own work.

Oh, yeah. I forgot to say one of the guys I spoke with said he'd give me a $50 credit for my time and trouble to get to Detroit. Then he decided he had some more room in that number. He upped to $75.

Just checked my email. Yup. I got the $75 credit from Finity.

Live richly! marilyn


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