Ignore or invite....

I drove to church last Sunday. I usually ride my bike, except when the weather is inclement. But that day, I had to put signs out for an open house, and I was going to do that right after the service.

I love the feeling I get riding or driving through our tree-lined streets. 'Alameda' is the name of our town, and it's Spanish for 'promenades or parkways with shaded trees.'  Our church is located on one of the loveliest tree-lined streets in town, running the length of the island. I took the photo last weekend, not knowing I would use it in my blog.

When I got to church, I found a homeless woman, sitting on the concrete, near the side door, by parking lot, under the eave that protects the door from inclement weather. I was shocked! Thank goodness the weather was lovely.

I asked her if she would like to go to the church service, and she politely declined. I asked her two more times, hoping she would...but no. She did say that it was the Sabbath day.

I was recently appointed to be a Sunday School teacher for 2nd - 4th graders. I've never taught that age...back in the day (as in decades ago) I taught the early teenagers.  This young stuff is a whole new ball game.

When I walked into the Sunday School I asked some members about the woman. Did they invite her to church? Yes. No, she declined.

After Sunday School (I had no students last Sunday...it was a three day weekend), I was hoping I would see the lady. No. Not there. Gone.

When somebody approaches me about giving them change or dollar bills, if I have the time, I'll offer to buy them some food, as long as it's not liquor or cigarettes (which is not food). I've done this over the years for folks. It makes me feel okay about myself, and hopefully it makes the person I'm buying the food for, feel a bit better about him/herself.

That was my plan for the lady. I'd offer to buy her some food.

Now, I'm wondering if she'll be back this Sunday, sitting outside of our church, where most folks won't see her.

I think I made the right decision. I invited her in. We all invited her in. We didn't ignore her.

Life richly, marilyn


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