Beds and bedding.

I heard an advertisement the other day about beds. "They" said that "beds need to be replaced every 8 years." Yeah, you wish, Mr. Bed-seller.

Hey, I think I may have had my bed that long! Eight years!

I do remember writing about my bed...a bed in a box. That's what I bought. A bed in a box. I don't think I was writing this blog at that time.

Then while waiting for sleep to come, I started thinking "Maybe I need to flip my bed over, like in the old days. Yeah, I think I'll do that. And if I do that, then I need to turn it where I put my head will be where I'll put my feet, but on the other side."

When I woke up I remembered those thoughts. Well, I should do it now. If I'm washing the sheets today, why wait? So I tossed the sheets on the floor, and ripped off the mattress pad (the thing that protects the mattress).

Alrighty! Ready to turn the bed around and over.

Uh, no. Now that the bed is mostly naked, I had forgotten that the mattress had it's own type of built-in top. So internet, what's that top called? There's a video in which a mattress-seller explains it all.  What's funny are the comments...I was cracking up!

Mine is a Euro-top, attached at the end of the bed all the way around. And now that I've seen the bed in its nakedness, there are no sagging areas,

What a waste of my mental energy. Here's to a good night's sleep...again and again.

Live richly, marilyn


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