Betty Davis Eyes and Groucho Marx Eyebrows

I knew something was kinda wrong. But I didn't expect it would be that wrong.

Recently, I reluctantly changed my very lovely and predictable nail and face gal, to someone I didn't know.  The previous one did such a great job! But when I drove over to where she now worked, it was such a hassle to find a parking space, and then to pay for the parking in the lot, and it took so much longer, not only in time, but with her being in a newer salon...yuck.

So I returned to where I came from...close to home and within bike riding distance. YAY! But I traded in one young woman and got two. One for my nails, and one for my face.

And since that day, almost 3 weeks ago, I've become aware that it wasn't all about was about me not being clear to someone who didn't understand exactly what I had hoped to say in English.

When I told the new person I wanted thicker eyebrows, I was thinking one thing and she was doing another. What I wanted was the same shape and not plucked too thin. What I got was was I asked for ...really thick eyebrows with semi-permanent color (as in dark ).

NO! When I looked in the mirror..that's the only thing I could say. And I said it loudly! And I wouldn't budge until somebody came in and told me what I could do! I'm sure the other customers were wondering what went on in that room.

Turns out my nail gal, who is wonderful, super talented, and very artistic with my toe coloring, came in and told me "What's going on, beautiful?" That made me take a deep breath. She started working on my eyebrows (they really looked like Groucho Marx's eyebrows to me), told me how I could reduce the deep dark color, and remove some of it, and told me what I should do when I got home.

Thank goodness I had my bike helmet to put on and my pair of larger-framed Maui Jim sunglasses so they could cover up my eyebrows. I headed home.

She made a dent in this dumb head of mine. I could take some of the tinted color off with baby oil and q-tips, and a very hot wash cloth, and continue to use the baby oil on my my eyebrows when I went to sleep. Then when I woke would be a bit lighter. And I added a bit extra...I did it again, and again, and again......
Image result for groucho marx eyebrows

So the next morning it was better...and a LOT better than the afternoon before. My backup plan was in place...when in doubt I could wear my sunglasses inside any room so folks wouldn't know. But I was spared that, too.

The method made a noticeable change in the color. But I practically rubbed the skin under the 'brows raw while trying to get rid of it. That was okay by me. Peeling skin was better than a dyed face.

The only thing I could think of was Betty Davis Eyes (the song from back in the day) and eyebrows did look just like Groucho Marx's eyebrows. No kidding. Really.

And I'm heading back to the same salon, next week...along with an apology, and gratitude for those who worked to find a solution to my embarrassing situation. And an attitude to think twice before I say something once.

Live richly, marilyn


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