Ch Ch Changes

Yep, things have changed over the years.

-I was riding my bike this week and saw a guy with his phone in his sock! He let me take a photo of it. Can you imagine...back in the day...putting a phone in your sock? Folks would think you were crazy.

-When you sneeze or put your face into your sleeve. I guess people don't want to shake hands with somebody who has sneezed into his hand/handkerchief/tissue. But I don't know what happens if you don't have a sleeve to sneeze into.

-Pets are treated like humans, maybe better than humans. I get this one too, even though I don't have any pets. We used to have a cat..years ago. Scupper went into pet heaven.'re on Candid Camera. That was a TV program in the olden days. There are very few places when you are NOT in range of an active camera. So show those pearly whites.

-Speaking of pearly whites...flossing your teeth...seems to be out theses days. I just heard that yesterday on NPR. But I still do it. At least once per day, in courtesy to the folks I'm talking to.

-I know it's cool to go to major events (like concerts and sporting events). But I'd rather sit in my den and watch that event like football, basketball, sailing (as in the America's Cup) on my TV. I can put the TV on pause, get something to eat (and not pay a fortune for it), or head to the bathroom, or even go to something that's not as crowded and record the I miss the commercials. The camera angles the experts use are so good these days! I guess the one event that you don't want to miss the commercials, is the Super Bowl.

-Speaking of TV's, my son and my tech guy want to me to get a larger screen. I told the tech guy to let me know if he sees a good deal...but really, my den is so small! Once again, I don't want to be in the TV, I just want to watch the TV.

-I've started going to our little theatre again, the Altarena Playhouse, in our town. It's intimate, and there's parking nearby..or I can even ride my bike there. They prefer a "sold out" crowd, don't care about what you wear, and my friend had her first published play there! That's what got me going again. Will be going later this month to see a David and Amy Sedaris show, The Book of Liz.

-When necessary I'll go to our City Council meetings. However, the local cable provider shoots those meetings. However, I have been known to get on my bike and head over to the meeting when I find I need to let them know how and why I feel about any subject. The joys of living on an island, anchored off the coast of Oakland.

-I'll be heading over to meet up with some friends to watch the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games. That's a big event....and she has a big screen. We will surely be cheering the folks well as critiquing their outfits. But athletes being so fit...they can wear anything (or nothing) and still look GREAT!

Oh the days....too many changes. But change is inevitable, so we may as well embrace it.

Live richly. I'm blessed. marilyn


  1. Boy, things certainly have changed. Thanks for posting Marilyn. Just a few responses to your paragraphs.

    -Cell Phones, Regarding Cell phones, I would be willing to guess that .0001 percent read the manual, specifically the chapter/section dealing with SAR. If they did, and understood it, they wouldn't put this device anywhere near the body repeatedly in the same place for any length of time

    -Morbidity, regarding sneezing, I'm a fist bump kind of guy. It use to be at church, when worship finished they leader would say, "Why don't you turn around and meet someone before sitting down..." where I would fist bump instead of shake hands. I think some people were annoyed, but hey, that's me. So many hacking a coughing, it was better to be safe that sick. The fact is, they don't even make the request anymore.

    -Pets, Okay what is it with purse dogs???? It used to be that you couldn't take a dog into a store or restaurant. Now days the progressive movement has put the fear of being sued if you even mention the dog's presence, that you see them everywhere (Walmart, restaurants...) Oh, its a service dog. I have worked with service dogs (Canine Companions for Independence) and these are not service dogs, they are pets.

    -Smile, there are now more cell phone devices in the world then there are people (8+Billion vs 7+Billion). Tom Brokaw said it best, the camera never blinks. Who would have ever thought that we have to be so careful of our words, actions and deeds, as they may be picked up on social media with catastrophic ramifications.

    -Pearly whites, Living in a world of OCD, some people may have the compulsive urge to floss every hour, taking the gum-line down to the bone. Hey, I'm in an older season, I've flossed once a day since the last Millinenum, and I am still here with a healthy mouth.

    -Events, Totally agree. You are blessed to have watched the big boys play in the big boats flying around the bay (literally), and have a solid grasp of what is going on. Technology has been an incredible asset to entertainment events. Regarding one sport, where it's better to see all the action live, is Hockey. Fact is, I have given up on pro sports for the most part, and college sports for that matter, as the money is all that matters. The NCAA has produced some great athletes that cannot put a sentence together or read a sentence.

    -TV's, When we were little, there were if you were lucky 10 channels. And you were the remote, hey Marilyn, how about getting up and changing the channel for dad.... The screen was 24" or if you were lucky you had a big screen 27" model. And if you were really lucky, you had a color TV. Now days TV's are so big, people build an addition around the TV set. And with the high definition 4G on that 90" monster, you can see on the closeups any (ah) work that was performed on actors... I'll stick with the 32" model I have.

    -The Olympics, When Donna and I were first married we didn't have two nickels to rub together. The Olympics were on, so we rented a color TV for a month. I think it was a small fortune like $20, but back then it was worth it. To watch TEAM USA defeat the Russians in Hockey, yeah, it was worth it. These athletes work so hard to get to that level.

    I hope you have a great time watching the opening of the Olympics.



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