Living large, living simple....

Been in the old home town for a bit...and will be here for a bit longer.

I've been astounded about how much house construction is going on, here in Newport Beach. As I ride my bike from the Balboa Island ferry up to the Huntington Beach Pier and then down to The Wedge (called that when it's breaking) aka the jetty entrance for Balboa Bay, it's quite amazing!

I imagine it's much like this in all of CA but in my island town of Alameda (anchored off the coast of Oakland) we just can't tear an old property down...that takes a big disaster...and thank goodness we don't have any of those at this time. Any property that was built in 1942 or earlier, needs extra scrutiny, to see how historic (hysterical) it might be before you can modify any of the exterior, as viewed from the street.

Lots of time and mega dollars go into reducing a house into rubble, and buidling it back up again. As I was sitting on a bench looking over to Corona del Mar State Beach, this huge house could only been seen from where I sat...on the opposite side of the jetty. But I know $$$ is no problem...these folks probably have mega houses all over the world.

Voila! Here today, gone tomorrow, I think to myself Tell me when it's completely outfitted, my stuff is moved back in, and I'll be back. Actually forget about my needs to be given away or dumped, because I'll have all new stuff to see once I move back in.

As I was riding along today...I took a couple of shots of the simple things of life. One is a guy laying down in a chair (based on my view, it was a Tommy Bahama chair) with an umbrella keeping the sun off him, and his bike next to him, and some food on the other side of the chair. In the firepit next to him is printed in bold marks; DANGER HOT COALS.

The other construction was of the lifeguard lookouts. Not nearly as expensive, not nearly as elegant, but certainly most those who are watching out for the rest of us as we make fools of ourselves, frolicking in the surf.

IMHO...these are the simpler ways to live life.

Live richly, marilyn


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