What's inside these little boxes.....

I imagine you may have counted how many bottles you are sharing with your shower. No? Well, in my life, the bottles take up all of the shelf space in my shower and when they fall over they take up the floor space in my shower.

I have a plastic bottle full of gel to wash with, a plastic tube full of face cleaner, a plastic bottle full of Head and Shoulders Shampoo (I buy the super big Costco size that comes in huge plastic packs of two), another plastic bottle full of purple shampoo that makes my white hair shine, and a plastic bottle of conditioner.

I am slowly using them up. They are being replaced by a gift that Sutter bought for me from New Zealand, produced by Ethique. Check out their website!

So now I've added the two boxes to the soaps, gels, shappoo, and conditioner. But the boxes fit on top of each other. One is a bar of shampoo, one is a bar of conditioner.

Cute, colorful, solid...and they are in my shower!

Daugher Sutter, who lives in New Zealand with her Kiwi husband Sean, gave these to me a short time ago.

Made by Ethique, the green box has shampoo in it, and the pink box has conditioner.

Notice that they are solid. And this is the premise upon which this company is built...get rid of the plastic. I had five 'plastic' words in my second paragraph.

See the video showing how folks use them.

And I can testify that the shampoo and condition work...no fuss, no muss, no plastic.

And before I got these gems, I was thinking, while messing with my bottles, what do the contents inside the bottles know about clean?  Nothin'. So right then and there I started using my plastic gel bottle from Trader Joe's for my hair, for my skin, for my face...even though the bottle said 'gel.' And everything turned out just fine.

And wouldn't ya know it, in the TJ advertiser, a couple of weeks later, they had 'a one bottle does it all' - gel, shampoo, conditioner!

Buh bye, plastic bottles.

And when you find yourself in Christchurch,  New Zealand, you can visit the store and shop for yourself and everybody else you know...and get them off plastic. Great rewards await! And the earth thanks you.

Live richly, marilyn


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