Just tooling around.

I'm sure I'm not the only one. Maybe there is someone like me out there.

Sometimes I look into my bathroom sink and think "This is gross." That's when the chrome isn't silvery and turns kinda white with toothpaste and toothpaste/spit water remnants.

So I get out my best drain cleaning tool....an old toothbrush that I hold onto and fits down the drain. I use it to clean out the gunk. Gads, who uses this sink?  Um, that would be me and me alone.

I get the black gunk out that's hugging the drain walls...and all is well, until....I drop the toothbrush into the drain and I can't get to it. I can see it but I can't reach it. I always say I have man hands (and that's why I can't text quickly). Well, man hands won't work here either.

So I looked into one of my bathroom drawers, and then I went to a kitchen gadget drawer.

Now you probably thought an ice pick was for picking apart a block of ice. And a pointy wooden stick was to thread meat and veggies on once they are cooked and ready to be served. And a bag squeezer/closer was for cereal or a bag of potato chips to keep the contents fresh. And tweezers were for pulling out random hairs - and all of those are accurate but...not now!

The tweezers also work as a grabber for the ice pick that was digging into the drain to stab the toothbrush because the pointy wooden stick couldn't get the job done.

And that's how I got my old toothbrush out of the drain without calling a plumber. AHA! Saved myself probably $75. Who ya gonna call? Either me or toothbush-busters.

Live richly,



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