My Sista by another Mother

Besides having the same birthday, Debbie and I have the same mindset about our jobs...we each love what we do for work. She works for Franklin Covey.  Stephen Covey wrote the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It is amazing how the biz is staying ahead of the 'we' group (the millenials) and how to make the gang of young'ins effective.

In fact, she tells me the teaching profession is completely changing because of how 'they' learn and share. For instance, if you have a question...just search the internet and after some exploration, you may come up with some answers. So the idea is to constantly explore the 'why' behind the 'how.' Or is it the 'how' behind the 'why'?

Debbie and I both have grown children and we're grandparents. (I choose to call myself Nana, in honor of my mother.) I typically meet up with Debbie's mom, Susan, when I go to Newport Beach, and take her out for coffee. Our conversations are always deep and meaningful.

(Susan and my dad ended up in separate apartments but in the same building, before my dad passed on. It was my solution of maintaining sanity for both of them, by splitting them up into separate units.)

Back to my Sista. We met for lunch at Bear Flag Fish Company at Crystal Cove Shopping Center. I wasn't sure if it was Bear Grylls's restaurant or not, and the answer is.... NOT. But I'm a fan of Bear Gryll's TV show these days, thank you, daughter, Sutter. That guy is a wonder in the wilds...along with his famous guests on the show.

The restaurant food was quite good (and normal), compared to what Bear and his guests eat in the wild (thank goodness). At least we didn't have to eat bugs, or the placenta that a wild animal left behind after giving birth.

Because the restaurant got so crowded, it was sometimes difficult to hear each other. At one point I thought she said something about rigor mortis. And then I realized that she said 'brick and mortar.'

'Brick and mortar' is kind of like 'rigor mortis.' There are group meetings but without the physical group. Meetings are held on Skype (I use Skype), or on Facetime (I've never even tried it). I can listen to a webinar and pick up some knowledge and the only ones who can see me will be my wonderful cleaning folks, who will see me in my pj's if the webinar is on a Wednesday morning.

I think this is the direction the world is taking. Nobody that I know shows up for weekly meetings unless somebody is serving doughnuts...and then it's a snatch and grab and then get outta there and onto your device.

Live richly, marilyn


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