Angry? I hear it.

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I was watching the election results last Tuesday evening. Everybody I knew was doing the same thing.

I tuned into my go-to TV station, an NBC affiliate. After I while I felt a bit anxious. Then I got a bit more anxious. But I wanted to see the colors of red and blue across the USA. Lots of red states, very few blue states.

I ususally listen to NPR for a balanced take on: the world, the national, and the local news, So I decided to watch a PBS station. I became a lot less anxious, and a lot calmer.

Image result for Cartoons watching the election results
First, there were no commericals interrupting the broadcast. Second, there was a rainbow of people doing the commentating. All colors, all types, And so informed. I felt like I was back in school soaking up the issues.

I stayed with my 'friends-on-TV' through Trump's acceptance speech. Then I went to bed, without knowing a thing about our local election. The results would be available in the morning. I needed to sleep.

The people have spoken. The country wants change. And they want it now. But I do not 'get' why people take to the streets and smash windows and set fire to busineses, which are owned by small entrepeneurs. Why? Why?

Nobody wins a thing by picking on people, destroying buildings. Where is our humanity?

I'm not sure how this will all shake out in the next four years. But as a nation we will find out.

God Bless America. 

Live richly, marilyn


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