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Fleek - what's in and what's out for now.

Maybe you've heard some of these. Always fun to hear how people pick up and use words. Fleek  - (posted by Dan Blue on Urban Dictionary on Oct 2, 2003) Fleek  = smooth, nice sweet: "That was a fleek move you pulled on that chic."  I never heard of it until this week. Some of us were at a meeting, and somebody said "The marketing was fleek."  I don't know if that means the marketing sucked, or was it on-point. Verbal throw-up - Somebody is running on with his mouth...nobody is listening...and all the recipients hear is verbal barf. Wall-huggers - any place, specifically airports, where folks are scrambling to get to an outlet to plug in their devices. Un-fun - my friend referred to a portion of her work as 'un-fun stuff.' I get this, I like it, and it rhymes. Towel-mop shuffle - we've all done this. Instead of getting on our hands and knees to wipe stuff up...we shuffle along with a towel under our feet to clean up the mess.