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D Day

This year, I have resolved that it will be different. No more clutter around my office. Get rid of stuff. All of it. And that's just my office! In fact, on the second weekend of January, I started celebrating D Days: Downsizing Days.... Decluttering Days.... Dumpster Days...... Donation Days.  By this time I had re-found the book by Mari Kondo, the life-changing magic of tidying up. I had lost it for a while when I was thinking of purging my belongings.  I'm not quite sure what makes me do this. I know I'm frustrated but I don't start out my day...saying "Let's do the D Days, marilyn." I think it's an impulsion. I just start in without a plan or a goal. Except for the super high cabinets over my office closet, I really tore up my space. I didn't rearrange my furniture, but I did make a dent in my life. I literally emptied out every envelope, every package (full of packing materials), what else?  marie kondo says "To truly cherish t