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A huge sigh of GONE!

I’ve been clearing out more….stuff. This is the stuff that somebody (not me) may want. I’ve already cleared out my office closets and tossed/shredded all of that leftover junk. In my life, at this time, I think I've handled the big stuff. Now I want the small stuff out of my life. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just weighing on me mentally (and physically). I had two "Dummie" books, 4 years apart, dealing with Excel spreadsheets and Quicken quasi-bookkeeping. How about that iPhone 5 book? Good intentions, wasted money. Never has a shelf looked cleaner. Say BUHBYE! Those got tossed in the recycling bin. This week my main TV was working one night and then not the next night. I called my media man. He was able to come over the next day. And Evan, my son, who has been complaining about the TV, will find a new TV ( new , I said), not larger, but with more vivid colors) that was installed that day. Turns out my remote was cracked. (Do I get up at night and do thing