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This past Saturday was a day of grossness. After at least two months with an empty rat trap in my sub area...I suddenly started smelling something... not good. My handyman had put it there for me. I wanted the stench to be in front of my eyes... but wasn't there. Stench was somewhere behind the retaining wall. I opened the solid wood slider doors that lead to a portion of the mechanical system, i.e. the basement furnaces.  Behind those I was looking for the trap. ugh. I couldn't find it. It must have fallen off the interior retaining wall, in the dirt behind. I slid the doors closed and thought about it. Who could I call? Ghostbusters? No, they are pretend people. What would I say? Am I really that much of a wimp? Answers - I don't know who I would call, wouldn't know what I would say, and yes I am that much of a wimp. I thought about my friend, Ellen. She figured out how to put a build a complete, vintage, classic car together, from scratch! And t