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Travelling..the outs and outs.

It was my turn to go to New Zealand.  It was amazing! S&S (Sutter and Sean) live there and they have wonderful lives! They built their home in Christchurch over the past two years (?)..and they invited me to come on down to see them and their house, and explore more of the place they call home. This is not a travel log. Rather, may you learn from me..and not have to experience the minor (major for me) grief, worry and woes that I got myself into. No, I did not get lost. But I did lose a couple of items. Once I got to SFO, I checked my large bag, and I carried my backpack and my computer/device case onto the plane. So many people have commented, since I've been back..."The flight is ssooo long. How can you do it?" I don't fly first class, or second class, or even third class. I take the seats in super economy, in the back rows of the steerage. My standard response is "The airlines have figured it out. They load the plane up around 7-8pm,