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VTBO...Kiwi's want to know....

...about our upcoming Presidential election! Everywhere Sutter, Sean, and I went in New Zealand, sooner or later the locals would ask me about the US election. It became common enough that I had a somewhat canned speech about it. My response went something like this: 'It's a bit embarrassing, isn't it? We tend to think ourselves, the US citizens, being the only ones affected by this. However, we definitely seem to be the world's laughing stock about what is going on these days. Please accept my apologies about Donald Trump. Actually, nobody can apologize on his behalf because he cannot apologize for anything, anytime, anyway. He is the most absurd and outrageously stupid man I've never known.' I proceeded to tell them that although I am a registered Republican (and have been so since I was eligible to vote), I don't often vote for the party line. The only reason I continue to stay a Republican is that I get to see what goes out to that constituency