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Please allow me to introduce myself...

Seems like everywhere we went, Sutter knew somebody who was walking by, somebody in a coffee shop, somebody who came out of a mega building, some folks at the Lyttelton Harbor, some parents who had kids at the Redcliffs School  several people at the local Farmer's Market. She never forgets a name. Today, while she was visiting me (and other friends) in Alameda, it was turn-around-fair-play, much to my surprise. And as she knows, I don't remember names as well as she does. We were walking into Panera, Sutter's high school friend, Erik came up to us and said HI! I know Erik because I used to carpool with other parents driving the kids to and from school, and also because we used to work at the same real estate office, and his folks live right up the street. As we were walking out of Panera, I saw Brooke, another friend who I used to work with, and we see each other occasionally on the broker tour. Then I recognized a lady at the next table, and I said "Hey I know