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I love how the best ideas get realized, often these days via crowdsourcing. I get Kickstarter emails every once in a while...because I contributed to a Kickstarter fund that will be producing an amazing bike helmet... Lumos    check this baby out! And based on my contribution I'll be getting one of the first 100 Lumos helmets ! Heck, this helmet is the bomb...without the bang! Even Bill Nye, the Science Guy, is raving about it! And tonight I got another Kickstarter email about New Zealand skateboards made of aged wine barrels! Now I don't drink, and I haven't skateboarded for decades...but this custom call-out for some $$$ could be worth it, just because this board looks so great! And Sean, Sutter's husband, a Kiwi himself, should consider turning his furniture artwork into some type of Kickstarter campaign. (Enough from the mother-in-law.) How else can you get excellent items out to the marketplace? Don't we all deserve to at least look at the p