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Sisters of another mother...

How's it going? Good. Good! How's it with you? Good. cya later. There comes a time when a concept of family just has to expand. I don't mean a 'real' family...I mean those with whom we have so much in common, whether there is a blood relationship or not. Where does this expansion come from? Who do you let in? What makes it work? Unlike most families I know, these "sisters" don't socialize but once or twice a year...but when we do...we pick up like there is no time or distance between us, even though miles, often thousands of miles, exist. We don't call each other on the phone to just chat. We don't meet up regularly (often we can't). But boy, do we cry and laugh loudly! One of these gal pals I've known for years, through my real estate biz.  We crack each other up, whether it's biz or not. Or cry with laughter. We been through tragedies, illnesses, kids, and customers (literally, all of the customers have become o