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3 points from downtown!

Because I'm located close to the Golden State Warriors home arena, and my son Evan has been a fan (like so many others), through the bad times for years and years, and years and years, this is the time to be shouting out for joy, and shooting hoops at all local playgrounds. As I was riding my bike the other day, I looked over at a grammar school playground and briefly watched the small kids playing basketball (briefly because I was still riding the bike). Kids learn what they watch and learn what they see. I saw small kids bouncing basketballs, as though they were mini Steph's, mini Draymond's, mini Shaun's, and mini Klay's. They were twisting and turning, shoving the ball between their legs, and tossing it towards the hoop (and getting pretty close to scoring 2 points). They don't have any preconceived ideas that they can't do it. They only need to watch and imitate.They just want to be just like the Warriors. Last Sunday, Ev sent me a photo o