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Not a coffee drinker but...

I'd heard that the newest Peet's was nice (it had previously been a Burger King). So I rode my bike over there once I got out of very frustrating meeting with well-meaning city officials. The Peets was very nice. But the nicest part was this photo... This gentleman, Sealli was crocheting, like a mad man with a grin as wide as his crochet needles! Before I went and got my iced tea and a ginger cookie, I noticed that there were A's hats, and beanies, and then I saw the, white, and gold! Woiryers! That the way grandson, Cadel, says it!  Yes, he was working on a cap! I wondered if he would make one for C? Yep! He would be happy to do so! I told him I had an appointment, and asked how long would he be there. He said at least another hour. That sealed the deal. I told him I'd be back within that time, and gave him my card. Then when I got home, I thought, maybe he could do one for my son, too! I called him. Yep, he could. He'd get on