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Ignore or invite....

I drove to church last Sunday. I usually ride my bike, except when the weather is inclement. But that day, I had to put signs out for an open house, and I was going to do that right after the service. I love the feeling I get riding or driving through our tree-lined streets. 'Alameda' is the name of our town, and it's Spanish for 'promenades or parkways with shaded trees.'  Our church is located on one of the loveliest tree-lined streets in town, running the length of the island. I took the photo last weekend, not knowing I would use it in my blog. When I got to church, I found a homeless woman, sitting on the concrete, near the side door, by parking lot, under the eave that protects the door from inclement weather. I was shocked! Thank goodness the weather was lovely. I asked her if she would like to go to the church service, and she politely declined. I asked her two more times, hoping she would...but no. She did say that it was the Sabbath day. I was