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Sporting events.

I've been watching the Warriors and Cavaliers play in the NBA Finals. It's been a thrill a minute! Basketball reminds me of football - except football players play with pads all over their bodies, play on grass or astroturf, in an open field, the plays last only a few seconds, there are 11 guys on a team, the players run all around in the open field, then they take some time between plays ...and.... I guess football is not a good analogy. Basketball is a more 'pure' or a more 'natural' sport. None-stop running; amazing eye/hand coordination while always moving; passing the ball around while not looking at the person you are passing it to; running backwards; shooting while on the run; jumping and weaving through others and hanging on to the rim while stuffing the ball into the hoop; everybody does each other's jobs; only 5 guys on a team. I think these playoffs and finals will soon be known for the commercials that interrupt the the Superb