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Betty Davis Eyes and Groucho Marx Eyebrows

I knew something was kinda wrong. But I didn't expect it would be that wrong. Recently, I reluctantly changed my very lovely and predictable nail and face gal, to someone I didn't know.  The previous one did such a great job! But when I drove over to where she now worked, it was such a hassle to find a parking space, and then to pay for the parking in the lot, and it took so much longer, not only in time, but with her being in a newer salon...yuck. So I returned to where I came from...close to home and within bike riding distance. YAY! But I traded in one young woman and got two. One for my nails, and one for my face. And since that day, almost 3 weeks ago, I've become aware that it wasn't all about was about me not being clear to someone who didn't understand exactly what I had hoped to say in English. When I told the new person I wanted thicker eyebrows, I was thinking one thing and she was doing another. What I wanted was the same shape and not p