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To party or not to party.

I love a big party! Well, not really. But they're fun to watch from a distance! Like the big parties in the last two weeks: The Republican Party and the Democratic Party. One of those made me groan and wince, made me puke and want to die. The other made me think 'I'm not sure that the whole story is being told.' And the one that I cringed over is the party that I belong to. When I think of big parties (and I used to really love them), I think of all the 'behind the scenes' things: food, beverages, tables, mingling, name tags, RSVP-ing or REGRETS ONLY, gifts or gags, formal attire or beachwear, chit-chat or arguments, drunk or sober, meat or vegetarian or gluten-free, etc. These huge efforts are much appreciated by those who attend, but we don't actually know what goes on behind the scenes. These days just thinking about partying makes me exhausted. I'd rather sit with 1-4 people while having a meal or drinking a beverage. I like to listen to th